Tom Weber

tom weber coastal realty advisor

Tom has lived in South Florida for over 36 years.  He’s had his Florida Real Estate Broker license since 1986.  Tom has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, a degree in Finance from Texas State and has completed a program in Running a Real Estate Company from Harvard.

Tom started his career in banking with emphasis on commercial real estate underwriting, valuation and lending.  He then co-founded a division in a public company that valued and acquired over $1.5 Billion in all types of real estate properties and loans across the United States.  In 2000 Tom co-founded and ran a real estate investment company that negotiated, underwrote, acquired and operated properties in South Florida.  Last property in this fund was a golf course sold in 2016.  He is also co-founder of the technology company; .

Tom has a keen eye for all types of real estate.  He enjoys the challenge of getting the best deal for his client as he works at a high level in building relationships, trust and completing successful transactions.

His business philosophy is straight forward:

Be Honest – Be Fair – Be the Best